Thin Places

Thin Places are those personal spaces that we find particularly moving and transcendant, where we seem to stand on the threshhold to the infinite. Occupying a thin place is an individual experience. We each have our own.

The project described here is a commission to create art on the fireplace wall in a home located on the shores of the harbor in Marion, Massachusetts. In discussions I came to see the property as a Thin Place for the owners. They are especially connected to the land and sea through the wildlife all around them, so we decided to express their intimate relationship with the land through wildlife scupture.

One to three wall sculptures will be created on their fireplace wall. The first is a great blue heron posed in flight. We have ideas for the rest, but things might change. The images below show my progress as I create the heron for over the fireplace mantel.

Architect's rendering of the main living area with a concept photo showing the planned location of the heron sculpture.

Rough carving of the heron in poplar, which I used to work out the design details for the final piece.

A giant slab of 4" thick South American Mahogany. I bought 6' of it for this project.

The mahogany rough-carved into the three main pieces that will later be assembled into the final sculpture.

The right wing and main body ready for the left wing once that is also carved.

Working out the details of the left wing.